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The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, European debt crisis (2010-2012), and the Covid Market Crash (2020Q1) have fundamentally altered the risk landscape of investing. Systemic risks trumped diversification.  Liquidity sources dried up globally.  Supposedly safe instruments such as asset-backed commercial papers and prime money market funds turned risky almost overnight.  The speed and severity by which the normal functioning of financial markets could be disrupted in stress times heightens the focus on a more dynamic and rigorous approach to risk and portfolio management.

At Investor Science Group, we provide clients with Contingent Asset Liability Management (CALM)™, a dynamic, holistic asset allocation and risk management platform, to meet the investment and liability challenges. 

We partner with:

  1. Plan sponsors and public funds to provide strategic asset allocation and funding solutions.
  2. Institutional investors to provide tactical multi-asset allocation strategies, risk-parity portfolios, and early-warning market regime forecasts.

Combining recent advances in machine learning with market insights, Investor Science Group is committed to deliver innovative, differentiated solutions to sophisticated investors.

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